Why is EIS Unique?

What can make YOU stand out? What does it take to shine, to dazzle, to make an impact on those around you and on the world? Will you make a mark, a difference, a change?

30th of March 2013 – For it was on that day in Chennai, when the sky exploded into breath-taking hues of purple, pink and orange, that a dream was born. Amidst thoughts and reason, two hearts struck a chord and slowly, yet magnificently that dream came into being.


Together, we decided to create a special place for YOU!

A place which aims to generate ‘history-makers’!


How, you ask? EIS is a place…

  • Where learning is fun to the point that learning itself becomes irresistible.
  • Where confidence is gained and leaders are made.
  • Where support is given to help you walk that extra mile on the road less travelled.
  • Where you will find you have an enduring love for life.
  • Where you will be inspired to achieve nothing less than excellence itself.


Interested? Join us and see for yourself for the story still goes on …