The Deutsche Fernschule (DF) has been providing products includes early learning material for 3 years of age and learning courses for pre- and primary school as well as for grade 5. They are recommended by central agency for German schools abroad (ZFA) and the material is certified by ZFU. Unlike the courses offered in foreign schools, “German as a Foreign Language”, DF German course conforms to the curricula and frameworks of the German states.

In preschool, loss of fluency in German is a particular danger for young child in a foreign-speaking environment. Therefore it is particularly necessary, not only to keep the German language active and alive, but to work with the child on the formation of words to develop an understanding of subordinate interrelationships. In the first two grades the children are familiarized with the German orthography and grammar. Basic skills in reading and writing acquired and expanded upon. Grades 3 and 4 convey intensively the individual German spelling rules and grammar. Further points of emphasis are working with literature and learning to write essays. The pupils learn to express themselves in literary language. Children that have the opportunity to learn the language of their parents as well as their environment are more conscious of cultural interactions. They learn to interpret these and use them to develop their own personality. This strengthens the bi-cultural self-awareness and additionally creates a good basis later for private and occupational goals.

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