The toddlers will work in small groups of three in the care of one teacher. The methodology is “developmentally appropriate” for the age group. The toddlers will be encouraged to explore through their curiousity, make choices, engage in listening to stories and sing in a participatory mode. They would be involved in creative games and activities that stimulate and entertain them.

They would particularly enjoy playing in the natural garden designed for that age group. There is a special harvesting area in the garden which serves as a unique environment for the child to experience and learn about different aspects of life first-hand. The most important strategy we will use in our programme is to allow the children to touch, feel and experience this area in the garden.

Our daily activities are enriched with experiences that would nurture the natural learning interest in each child.

At the end of each day you will find curious, happy and confident toddlers bidding sad goodbyes, albeit, with a hope of coming back to this exciting place the next day and the next.