As a start-up school we are in the process of setting up a clearly defined structure. This is to ensure the over-all safety and development of each child that enters through the gates of European International School


Arrival & dismissal

  • Please ensure that the car goes straight to the EIS parking area and that children get on or off only within the gates of the parking area. The EIS parking area is directly opposite the school and meant exclusively for the school.
  • The parent or personal driver of the child can assist the child in crossing the road.
  • Please note, drivers are not allowed inside theschool campus but can walk the children until the main gateto handover the child during drop-off time and similarly can wait just outside the main gate during pick-up time.
  • We have G4 security on duty , who will help the children cross the road to the school if required.
  • The children and parents are to enter and leave the school through the main gate. The service gate should be avoided during drop and pick-up times but can be used when the parent has to come to school for scheduled meetings or special occasions.
  • Please ensure that you are not here in school earlier than 8:45 am in the morning to drop your child and that you do not arrive later than 3:45 pm to pick up your child.
  • If due to a traffic jam or personal reasons, you will arrive late to pick up your child, please call the reception at +91-44-24492562 or +91-44-24492272 and inform the Front Desk before 3:30 pm. We will make sure we assign a teacher to stay with your child until you arrive.
  • If a child is going to be dropped and picked up by someone other than the child’s parent, please do inform the Front Desk.
  • If your child is asked to stay back after 3:30 pm for practice for a special occasion or any other reason with respect to the school; the parents will be informed at least one day ahead.
  • Parents who accompany their children are welcome to be seated in the ‘Coffee Klatch’ area to the left of the main gate as you enter. They are also welcome to make use of the cane chairs at the other end of the foyer.
  • Parents can use the restrooms/toilets available outside which is specifically meant for parents of the children studying at EIS.
  • Parents are not allowed to visit the classrooms but in case they wish to view the interior portion of the school, they can make an appointment with the front desk.
  • Friendly courtesies and hellos can be exchanged between the parents and teachers during pick-up and drop-off times but for significant feedback or discussion; please do write to us for an appointment to The PYP Coordinator will arrange with the respective teacher and will conjure a meeting at a mutually convenient time.
  • Please note that the management is responsible for the children only during school working hours. If the children are with a teacher during non-working hours and outside the school campus, meeting on a personal note, the school management is not in any way liable or responsible for the meeting or activities carried out.


  • EIS is in the process of getting accredited with the International Baccalaureate (IB) and implement the Primary Years Programme (PYP) which is an inquiry method of teaching. Please note that the assessment of each child and subsequent reporting and feedback is an important part of the PYP. Thus, when required, you may call for a meeting which the parents are required to attend.
  • On every Friday, your child’s classwork folders will be sent home. Please do return these folders on Monday after going through them, as they need to be retained for IB inspection.
  • Teachers may give homework depending on the requirement. Children from Toddlers, Early years will not be given any homework. Children from Grade one onwards will be given homework. Please ensure that the homework is completed on time and brought back to the school on the date of submission.
  • Please note that the language of instruction in the school is English. German is taught as a native language from First steps for children who are willing to join Deutsche Fernshule course. German or French is taught as a second language from Grade 1 onwards.
  • At the end of every theme you will be invited to view the Portfolio of your children and exhibition in the classroom with display of all activity done by children. Every month there will be a special event based on Theme or special occasion which will be informed well in advance.
  • PYP encourages voracious reading by children. Hence our library is stacked with books from well know Publishers for reference. When a school library book is sent home with your child by a teacher as per guideline of the theme. The teacher in charge will write in the school communication notebook. Please do ensure that the book is handled with care and returned to the school at the date that the book is due.
  • PYP encourages personal, social, physical education (pspe) as one of main subjects taught, qualified Sports teacher with experience will have formal sports class for the children. It will include all general sports activity and Gymnastics, ball games (Soccer, volleyball, ringball, basketball…) Racket games (Tennis, Badminton…), Table Tennis etc. Whichever sport is appropriate for your child’s age/ability will be decided upon by the teacher. If you do not want your child to participate in sports activity due to any physical reasons please inform us in writing.
  • Children are required to get about 600 IU (InternationalUnits) of Vitamin D in a day,in to their system,which can be accomplished by a few minutes of sun exposure.For these reasons,children are encouraged to play outside and engage themselves using the facilities provided. During the peak summer season in Chennai,the children will be closely monitored and kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Field trips and excursions will be organised for the children according to the requirement of PYP theme and you will be informed of them beforehand. At the time that you are given notice, if you do not want your child to participate in them, please inform us in writing.

Sick & Absence

  • If your child is sick and is not going to be attending school, please do call the reception at +91-44-24492562 or +91-44-24492272 and inform the Front Office Executive before 8:30 am.Please do send a leave letter with your child the next day.
  • If your child is sick with a contagious disease, please do inform the school and also please do not send them to school until your child is well again.
  • If your child is on sick leave for more than a week, you will need to provide a medical certificate.
  • If your child needs to be on medication for a certain period of time, please do inform the teacher in charge, in writing and provide the paediatrician’s prescription, of the dosage and the time that it has to be taken.
  • If your leave is a planned one, please do inform the Front Desk at least one week in advance and send a leave letter with your child once he/she is back in school.
  • Please note that in case of absence from school, the classes will not be repeated.


  • Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones, iPads or other electronic items to the school.
  • When exclusively requested by a teacher on a particular day for a particular purpose children can bring toys, books or other items, as requested, to the school.
  • Please do not send any external food or beverages with the children including chewing gum, candy, mouth freshener, chocolates, etc. Children must only carry water bottle with them and it can be filled/refilled at school.
  • On special occasions such as your child’s birthday; should you wish to celebrate it with the other children in the school, please do bring it to the chef’s notice two days prior to the special day. Please also provide the chef with a letter mentioning the ingredients used in the treat that you send to school. This is done to ensure that children who are known to be allergic to certain ingredients remain safe.
  • If you plan to have a birthday party for your child, please ensure that you send out invites to all the children in the class.
  • Dental and health check-ups will be regularly done at school and you will be informed of them beforehand. At the time that you are given notice, if you do not want your child to participate in them, please do give it to the management in writing.
  • The management may find it necessary to refine the meal menu or the class time-table according to the changing requirements of the school and season. Please note that the necessary classes as given in the time-table will continue to take place but may be shuffled for internal administration purposes.
  • At the time of admission and start of new academic year ‘Things to bring to school’ and the ‘New parents’ documents will be sent to you, in preparation to send your child to EIS. If there is any additional information, it will be communicated to you in due time.
  • The ‘Things to bring to school’ document contains a list of resource material, books, notebooks and stationery that are required.Please ensure that you buy them and send them with your child. If a re-fill of the existing stationery is required, it will be communicated to you.

Contact details

Head of School/IBPYP Coordinator
Mrs. Melba Solomon

PYP 1:+
Toddlers+ First steps + Pre-primary 1: Ms.Miriam Barbara Hoeltschl ( & Ms. Olga Sperling (

Pre-primary 2 + Grade 1 + Grade 2: Ms. Ekta Agarwal (

Grades 3 & 4: Ms. Melba Solomon (

Front Office
Ms. Aghalito Sumi

Companies/Consultants that wish to contact for business contracts,admissions, etc.
Finance and general administration related