Childhood is a critical period for the development of health and well-being in a child as the physiological need for macro and micronutrients increases and the consumption of a diet of high nutritional quality is particularly important in growing children. Eating habits, lifestyle and behaviour patterns are established during this period that may persist throughout adulthood.

Patterns of eating have a significant influence on health and well-being. A healthy diet during childhood, when maximum growth happens, reduces the risk of immediate nutrition related health problems. These health problems are of primary concern to school children, namely childhood obesity, lifestyle disorders, vitamin-mineral deficiencies, type 2 diabetes, stress on bones and joints, dental caries, etc. In addition, people whose healthy eating habits develop early in life are more likely to maintain them and thus be at reduced risk of chronic ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis in adulthood.

Hence, at EIS, we have a top notch nutritional program, recommended by professionals, which ensures a balanced, healthy and nutritional diet for the children.

Highlights of EIS Nutritional program

  1.  Nutritious & Delicious
  2. Cultivate a taste for right nutrition
  3. From the farm to the fork
  4. Unveil your child’s potential with good nutrition
  5. Power Plate for empowering children
  6. Designer Menus
  7. Nutritionally balanced under W.H.O Europe Guidelines: “Food and Nutrition for schools”
  8. European Food Plan
  9. Personal attention/ menus for children with food allergies